About The Texas Handgun Association

The Texas Handgun Association began as the Texas Concealed Handgun Instructor Association in 1997, one year after the Texas concealed handgun law, now the license to carry (LTC) law, went into effect. The association’s membership initially consisted of instructors trained by the Texas Department of Public Safety and licensed to teach Texas residents to legally carry handguns under the law.

In 2003, the association expanded its membership to include license holders and anyone interested in carrying a handgun for self defense and changed its name to the Texas Concealed Handgun Association.  Then in 2019, the members voted to remove “Concealed” from the name, since Texas recognizes both concealed and open carry, and became the Texas Handgun Association. Currently, the Texas Handgun Association has more than 1,500 members.

The specific objectives and purposes are:

  • To promote the continuation and improvement of the Texas License to Carry (LTC) Law.

  • To represent the standards and concerns of our members to the general public, the news media, the Texas Department of Public Safety and legislators.

  • To provide current information to members about the laws, lesson plans and topics related to the License to Carry program.

  • To promote high standards of instruction and training.

  • To support the right to responsible, law-abiding citizens to own, keep and lawfully carry firearms for personal protection.

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